I currently offer private lessons in Daly City as well as private and group classes with Ms Kitty’s Harmony Road in Moss Beach.

After 10 years of teaching using the Suzuki method, I’m now expanding to include the Sassmanshaus tradition Early Start on the Violin. I work with students of all ages and levels and specialize in young beginners (4-6 years old) and violin to viola switchers.

My basic teaching philosophy:

1. All students are capable of making beautiful music. I am committed to finding a way to help all students find what works for them.

2. Complete technical mastery is essential to complete freedom of musical expression. The end goal is music, but technical difficulties should never get in the way.

3. Music should be fun, that’s why we call it “playing” an instrument. If the student is not having fun, we must find a way to make the music more enjoyable before proceeding.

I love Suzuki’s philosophy and his belief that all children are capable of learning – that musical ability is not inborn but can be trained in any child. I have done long term teacher training with Cathy Lee in San Francisco and have attended summer institutes in Columbus, Santa Rosa, and Stanford. I have four units of training registered with the SAA and am happy to continue in the Suzuki method for those students currently using Suzuki.

I also like to inject exercises from my own more traditional background. My undergraduate degree included a pedagogy class taught by Curt Sassmanshaus, head of the string department at CCM as well as the Starling String Program. I also had the opportunity to attend a workshop when he was recently in the Bay Area. For more about his method, see his wonderful website. I offer private and group lessons based on this method for children ages 4 and up.